Game items can be recieved from a wide variety of sources as the shop, battles and quests.

Crafting ItemsEdit

Crafting allows the user to produce necklaces. This is done with the help of iron ore and certain gems thats found while fighting or bought at the shop.

Evolution ItemsEdit

Items used to evolve normal pets and dragons. Can be looted from different NPC battles and bought in the shop.

Pet EggsEdit

Pet eggs can be bought at the shop for gems. They will hatch you either a specific pet or a random pet depending on what you buy. Some eggs has a 10% chance of hatching a dragon.


Necklaces are used to boost your pets' combat ability. They will grant you raw stats that will improve the combat.

Consumable itemsEdit

Consumable items can be bought at the shop or recieved as a reward from a quest.

Combo Skill ScrollEdit